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Links to interesting sites and services which I like visiting from time to time.

If you have any suggestions regarding any links that could be added, please feel free to e-mail me.

Current Market Valuation – an interesting score index for US stock market valuation – based on six valuation models ,the site is calculating whether the market is undervalued to overvalued. Updated daily.

Longtermtrends – a website that compiles and compares various data, current as well as historical, and presents it in a form of charts (eg. M2 money supply vs inflation). The charts are available for six asset classes: Gold, Stocks, Bonds, Real Estate, Commodities, and Crypto.

Worldometers – a site with live-updated meters on various metrics like the world’s population, government spending, etc. These are simulated data sets, based on past trends, but I find interesting to look at them occasionally.

Goehring & Rozencwajg – this is an investment firm specializing in commodities. They have great insights and commentaries. I’m not in those markets but I like reading them or listening to them once in a while, to get an impression of what’s going on there and to enjoy the depth of insight on these matters.

Hindenburg Research – if you like mystery thriller books, this site will offer you something even better – real-life analyses of public companies which most likely misled their investors and the public. The company behind the reports is shorting the stocks described in them. I don’t trade stocks, but I like the quality and in-depth of their investigations.

Sites with comercial banks market research

ING Think

Danske Bank Research It is my preferred one. It might not work, if you connect from outside Europe, but you can use a VPN to bypass that.

J.P. Morgan Market Insights

Morgan Stanley Research

Not related to forex or trading

“The Echo of Time. Awakening” – energetic novel. Great book for weekend relaxation 🙂