Coaching notes

Forex trader coaching notesCoaching notes - the most important and interesting episodes from my coaching. You can read how my coach guided me via the process of identifying problems which influenced my trading, and how they were solved. 

  • Coaching notes

    Convictions, beliefs, and trading

    Why at all think, talk, and write about things like convictions or beliefs in terms of trading? After all, trading is about making money, not psychology or some esoteric stuff. Is it really so? Isn’t it the trader that makes money? Or loses money, since according to statistics provided by brokers, around 70-90% of traders lose money. Traders are humans with their human flaws, traumas, and other psychological or emotional baggage that may influence trading. If we consider all this, a closer look at the trader’s mindset may lead to interesting discoveries and solutions to problems they encounter in their daily trading. Our convictions and beliefs may play a more…

  • Coaching notes

    Doing the right things at the right time

    This text is also available as a podcast – click the play button above to listen. If you give it a thought, trading is all about doing the right things at the right time. If this is what you do, you will definitely be successful. However, I already hear the voices saying: “Yeah, easier said than done…” If you’re one of these voices, hold on for a moment, and stay open-minded 🙂 . After some time spent on the market, your mind already knows what to do and when to do, because it has learned it by observation and repetition. So, you’ve got the skills and are capable of doing…