My name is Etienne and I’m a full-time trader, trading on my own account. I created this blog to systematize and share my knowledge, observations, and experiences related to trading, as well as to document my path of personal development as a trader. Writing forces me to do even more in-depth studies, research, and analysis on any topic I’m covering, while publishing allows me to share the results of this work with others :). I treat this blog as something between a diary and a notebook containing notes from real-life “classes”. Trading is a path of constant development and an on-going education for me, so I’m open to comments and discussion on any thesis from my articles, as well as any other subjects related to trading and the markets.

In private life, I’m happy to be married and have two teenage children. My family had always been very supportive while I was learning to trade. My wonderful wife, Sophia, is my personal trading coach and actually the real progress and results in trading started to show up when she began working with me. I wouldn’t be where I am without her.

Since trading, writing, coaching (my wife is a writer and a personal development coach), and studying can be done from anywhere in the world (our kids are in an online school), we decided to leave Europe, which had been our home, and travel. We plan to live in different places and experience the diversity the world has to offer. Currently, we are in the Caribbeans but are planning to explore the North and South Americas in the coming years.

How about my free time? I like planning our travel expeditions and discovering nice and beautiful places with my family. Enjoying beautiful sunsets after a busy trading day. Designing and building different things, ranging from websites to wooden cabins in the forest. I also like writing – and all these allow me to express myself and bring up the more creative part of me.

If you feel you would like to email me on any subject, you can do this via the contact page – I’ll be more than happy to be in touch 🙂 .

All the best,




I would like to thank my wife Sophia for inspiration and Felix for guiding me 🙂