How to change sounds in Meta Trader

This is a short instruction/tutorial on how to change alert sounds and sounds in general in Meta Trader. I will also show you how to turn them off completely. I made it for MT4 but will work also with MT5.

1. Getting new sound files – Metatrader Trader is using *.wav files for alert sounds, which is not so common these days anymore, so you need to convert your mp3 or any other format you have to wav. I use for that. You just upload your file and choose wav as the output format and press convert.

Change sounds in MetaTrader step 1 Select *.wav and press “convert”.

Change sounds in MetaTrader step 2

Conversion may take up to a minute for smaller files we will be using. After that is done you just need to download it.

Change sounds in MetaTrader step 3

2. Finding Sounds folder in Meta Trader – You have to find your MT4 or MT5 in the Program Files folder.

How to change sounds in MetaTrader

If you are not able to do it or have a few instances of MetaTrader installed and don’t know which one is the right one, there is an easy way to find out. Just right-click on the icon which launches your program and select More -> Open file location – it will open the file with icon location.

Meta Trader location step 1

In the new window, you will see the icon of your Meta Trader. Right-click on it again and it will show you the path to the program. That’s the place you have to go to.

Meta Trader location

If the path is long, you can copy it into Notepad.

Path to MetaTrader


3. Click on your Metatrader folder and then go into the Sounds folder. Here you are – these are all sounds the MT4 / MT5 is using.

How to change sounds in MetaTrader - the Sounds folder

4a. To permanently turn off all sounds in MetaTrader just delete all these files and you will be done. It will ask you for an administrator permit – just confirm. I’ve never had any issues or crashes after deleting sound files like this – just pleasant silence.

Deleting sound files in MetaTrader

4b. If you want to replace one or a few sounds just copy your converted files into that folder. Again, you will be asked for an administrator permit – just confirm.

Click on the original files to make sure it is the file you want to delete. The sound will play in your default music program.

Changing sounds in Meta Trader - new sound files

After that just delete this file and rename the file you want to use instead, so that it has the same name as the file you just deleted. You can also delete sounds you will not be using.

Changing sounds in MetaTrader completed

Done! Now you know how to change sounds in Meta Trader. You can open it now to check if everything is working. If you want to change more sounds, just repeat the steps above.

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