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Practical tips for forex traderPractical tips - different hints and life-hacks which are useful for a forex trader in various ways. Everything from banking and money transfer solutions, how-to guides and manuals, to equipment and useful software reviews. Subcategories: Workspace / MetaTrader

  • TradingView

    How to run replay in TradingView on two timeframes simultaneously

    In theory, it is impossible to run replay in TradingView on more than one instrument and one timeframe at a time. However, there is a simple trick that allows us to bypass this limitation. If you open one instance of TradingView in the Windows desktop app and another in your browser you will be able to run a separate replay in each of these instances. This way you can run replay in Tradingview on two timeframes or on two different instruments at the same time. It’s very useful if you need to do some backtesting. You can even put the TradingView desktop app and web browser windows next to each…

  • MetaTrader

    How to change sounds in Meta Trader

    This is a short instruction/tutorial on how to change alert sounds and sounds in general in Meta Trader. I will also show you how to turn them off completely. I made it for MT4 but will work also with MT5. 1. Getting new sound files – Metatrader Trader is using *.wav files for alert sounds, which is not so common these days anymore, so you need to convert your mp3 or any other format you have to wav. I use for that. You just upload your file and choose wav as the output format and press convert. Select *.wav and press “convert”. Conversion may take up to a minute…

  • Trader's workspace

    Trader’s health and safety basics

    As traders we have many things to look after, so we rarely think about how trading can influence our health. Especially at the beginning of a career, a trader has to cope both with technical and fundamental aspects of the market, and a full scope of feelings and emotions. No wonder, when in such conditions, one would not even think about such stuff as the ergonomics of a workspace, and work and safety principles. When one works at a company, these things are being taken care of by a health and safety officer, so there are not many occasions where one can acquire a habit of thinking and taking care…